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We accept credit card payment through PayPal. PayPal payment system supports MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and eCheck. P.S. Please write down correct delivery address. This serves to ensure speedy and safe delivery. For other payment methods, please feel free to contact us first.

The total price of any order only includes the applicable sales taxes. All other taxes that may apply are the sole responsibility of and to be paid by customers.

Security Guarantee
Shopping with us is safe and secure. None of our customers have ever reported fraudulent use of their credit cards as a result of shopping with us. You can rest assured that the information you give us is treated confidential. We do not sell, rent or share information of our customers with other parties.

After we have issued a refund authorization to the bank, credit will appear on the customer's statement within one to two billing cycles, depending on the time required for the card issuing bank to process such transaction. Refund would cover part cost, tax and shipping less any re-stocking fees (where applicable). Shipping charges will not be refunded in all cases. Refunds will be made with the same method of payment as the original order. Credit card refunds will only be made to the same card used for the original purchase.

Delivery Service

FREE shipping(p.s. battery excluded) within the Australia and New Zealand. Delivery takes about 5 - 15 business days.

We aim to deliver goods to customers as soon as possible. In stock items will usually be dispatched next working day once we have processed the order. If the item is non-stock or out-of-stock, we will always contact customers with the option of an alterative item or to cancel the order.

We can't guarantee delivery time. Standard delivery can be at anytime of the day. If you are usually out at work, then we would suggest you having the goods delivered to your work address.

Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays or statutory holidays. So, if we dispatch an item on Friday, the first working day for delivery service would be next Monday the earliest.

Undelivered Items
Should postal address be provided with incorrect or inadequate information resulting in non-delivery, customers will be charged the additional postal charges so incurred.

We would make every effort to contact customers requesting them to contact their local depot to re-arrange delivery. Usually, a card is put through customer's door for them to contact the depot.

However, if customer does not respond to any of these requests, then the goods will be returned to us. Returning goods to us and re-dispatching goods to customer would incur additional delivery charges. Customers would be required to bear the additional costs so incurred.

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New Products For December - Laptop Keybaords

When to Replace a Laptop Battery

The most obvious sign that it's time to replace your laptop battery is if your battery is completely drained and unable to hold any charge whatsoever. It doesn't have to get that far, however, as there are ways to tell beforehand that the time has come to find an adequate replacement. In fact, here are 4 specific tell-tale signs that it is indeed time to replace your laptop battery.

1) The Runtime/Capacity Has Significantly Diminished:
Does it seem like you're battery isn't allowing you to use your laptop as long as it used to? Are you finding yourself charging your laptop more frequently? If so, it's very likely that the performance of your laptop battery is slipping and it's time to find a replacement.

2) You've Charged Your Laptop Battery More Than 300 Times:
While chances are most people won't be keeping track of each and every time they charge their laptop, it's not hard to come up with a rough estimate. Simply take the average number of times you charge your laptop each week and multiply it by the number of weeks you've been using the battery. If that number turns out to be greater than 300, it looks like it's time to start searching for a new battery.

3) You've Been Using the Battery for Over 18 Months:
It's a fact, all rechargeable batteries wear out with time and usage. For the typical user, noticeable reduction in run time generally will be observed after 18 to 24 months. The more you use your laptop, the sooner you'll start to notice a dip in the performance of its battery. Keep this in mind once you've been using a particular laptop battery longer than 18 months. If it just isn't performing like it used to, you know it's time for a new one.

4) Battery Check Utility Says It's Time:
Almost every laptop comes with a Battery Check utility that will indicate when it's time to replace your battery, or when the storage capacity has reached a "Low" state. At that point, it's pretty clear that the time has come to replace your laptop battery.

So while the most obvious sign that it's time to replace your laptop battery is when it's dead and unable to charge, paying attention to the signs above will help prevent ever having to reach that point. If any of the above applies to you and your laptop battery, you may want to start looking for a replacement as soon as possible.